Preparing a Home for Sale

Preparing a Home for Sale pic
Preparing a Home for Sale pic
Preparing a Home for Sale

As an experienced Realtor, Todd Bartusek has worked with both sellers and buyers in property purchases. Todd Bartusek has helped many clients to stage and market homes for sale.

When a potential seller is preparing a home for sale, the most important first step is to start thinking about the property objectively. Buyers need to be able to come in and see themselves building a life in the house, and they can do so more easily if the home is neatly kept and free of sentimental clutter. Experts recommend that home sellers remove photographs and other personal artifacts, as these cause buyers to think of the home as belonging to the seller and not to them.

Sellers must also make sure that the home is clean and not visibly in need of repair. This often involves polishing hardwood floors, cleaning carpets, washing windows, and changing dead lightbulbs. Items on shelves should be neatly placed and, if possible, furniture should be placed so that the room has as much available space as possible.

Kitchens and bathrooms should be particularly appealing, as buyers often pay the most attention to these rooms. Sellers may wish to consider replacing dated or chipped countertops as well as aging appliances. Ideally, appliances should match in style and plumbing fixtures should reflect the current market aesthetic.

Finally, the outside of the home should be as well-kept as the inside. Yards and gardens should be neat, and all paint and trim should be clean and smooth. The house should look as appealing as possible from the street, as to make a good first impression.