Gym Etiquette for Newcomers

Gym Etiquette pic
Gym Etiquette pic
Gym Etiquette

Omaha realtor Todd Bartusek works with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, where he accompanies clients to property sites and handles all aspects of the sales transaction. In his free time, Todd Bartusek enjoys camping, playing golf, and weightlifting.

The weightlifting floor may seem like an intimidating place for a newcomer–but it doesn’t have to be. Below are three basic pieces of gym etiquette to help you get started.

Return equipment to its place: few things are more annoying than looking for a piece of equipment, only to find that it has been misplaced somewhere else in the gym. Furthermore, weights carelessly placed on the gym floor pose a safety hazard. Always rerack your weights and place other equipment back where it belongs.

Embrace working in: always be willing to share your equipment with others, particularly when you are using high-demand equipment such as a bench or squat rack. It may take some extra work to change weights, but it ultimately improves the workout experience for all parties involved.

Wipe down: once you have finished your workout, be sure to wipe down machines with the disinfectant provided by the gym. This prevents infectious diseases from spreading and eliminates slipping hazards due to sweat accumulation.